About us

Eric Landbase

For the past few years, Gurgaon has seen development in real estate like never before! But the real estate pundits proclaim by everything they hold sacred that future development in Eric Landbase will far outstrip the past events. So the race is on for a winning slot in the real estate marathon !

Eric Landbase is a dynamic specialized realty consulting organization assisting clients by creating consistent immense value in their entire decision making processes related to real estate. Eric Landbase executives driven by high intellectual capital work closely with clients both individual and organizations and assist them in meeting their realty needs.

Eric Landbase strives to offer the best advisory, strategic, specialized and innovative solutions to clients’ realty problems and needs. Eric Landbase provides clients with financial solutions and is instrumental in assisting clients in achieving commercial success in most complex realty transactions. Eric Landbase represents value added, effective, simple, transparent and honest advice in order to achieve long term success in relationships. We strive for excellence and highest standards of professionalism in all our management processes and client interactions and servicing.

Eric Landbase assist you right from narrowing down the various options to selecting the ideal property for you and completing the final paperwork related to the transaction. Rest assured, that our assistance is completely transparent.

Eric Landbase delight customers by empowering them to make an informed decision with integrity, transparency & professionalism.

We at Eric Landbase have been one stop total solution to our domestic and international customers for, including but not limited to, buying, selling, leasing, funding etc. of residential and commercial properties in delhi and gurgaon.

Our association and partnership with large builders gives us an opportunity to work out the best deals for our customers.